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Start Your Transformation Here!

Start Your Transformation Here!

E-wallet Central KYC Solution Providers for Digital Payment Companies

iSolve’s e-wallet Central KYC platform, iFlow, is a comprehensive management tool. We are proud to be among the leading KYC vendors for digital payment companies. Our platform offers robust and efficient digital wallet solutions for managing and analyzing customers’ data. Using our iFlow CKYC software, e-wallet and digital payment companies can send their KYC data to CERSAI and the approved KYC identification number is stored in iFlow CKYC software. CKYC number can be used to verify customers data further reducing manual documentation.

How Does the CKYC Platform Work?

Collecting and managing KYC documents from customers is a labour intensive and repetitive task for mobile or e-wallet companies. Our KYC platform completely automates this process, so that collecting,storing and managing digital KYC documents becomes a fast, easy and simple operation.

We offer unique advantages and a host of features to make compliance a breeze!

Plug-n-Play components

All major components are plug-n-play and can be customized based on the requirements of individual financial institutions.

Anywhere access

The Solution can be hosted in Financial Institutions intranet and can be accessed from any branch using any browser. No individual software installation required.

Process automation

  • Cropping, zipping files and uploading to CERSAI portal
  • Maker - Checker functionality
  • Calibration of visual verification of customer data with scanned images and identifying probable match cases

We help you go

From this…

To this…

API Search

Search CERSAI with API integration

Upload to CERSAI

Secured upload of file to CERSAI

Scan | Crop| Verify customer documents

Digitise and verify documents at ease

Provisions actions on CERSAI response

Edit, modify and update image & data based on CERSAI response

Request to CERSAI

Communicate with ease

Receive response by CERSAI

CERSAI response of CKYC platform ease out the operations

Capture Customer Details

Enrich customer data with CKYC platform

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor your business with key reports, metrics & forecast

Design, Develop, Implement & Hosting

Direct cost saving, focus on your core business

Business Insight & Analytics

Monitor operations anywhere

Auto Compress files and batch creation

Automated file compression and batch creation for validated data

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