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KYC and AML Compliance Solutions
for Digital Banking

Secure digital KYC and AML regulatory check customer onboarding
software solution for banks, insurance & fintechs!

Digital KYC and AML Banking Solutions for Customer Onboarding!

iStart 3.0 is a secure digital customer KYC onboarding software solution developed for banks & NBFCs, in tune with the RBI guidelines. Our platform is well designed & equipped to align with the core banking operations to make the system integration easy & robust. It offers financial services to perform remote KYC onboarding services by promoting instant branchless & paperless digital account opening.

Using a web/cloud-based application interface, iStart 3.0 provides a frictionless and personalized digital banking experience that reduces 80% of customer attrition rate. Our Video KYC & customer identity verification (V-CIP) software solution helps in risk profiling and categorization, reducing fraudulent activities.


reduction in bank account opening time


lower customer attrition rate


reduction in compliance operational costs


enhanced customer experience


times increase in business value generation

KYC and AML Compliance Solutions for Banks & NBFCs!

KYC Utilities

With KYC utility integration solutions, our platform enables one-time KYC verification with the integration of a regulatory database for smooth client portfolio account opening.

Video Identity Verification

Our consent-based secure video ID verification & onboarding (VKYC) software service solution is developed for banks & NBFCs to onboard customers remotely anywhere, anytime.

Customer Onboarding for Banks Made Simple!

Traditional Onboarding Workflow

Digital KYC Banking Software Application for Customer Onboarding

iStart 3.0 Digital Onboarding Workflow

Our Digital KYC Banking Platform Benefits

Video-based customer verification system for KYC verification

Paperless & contactless remote onboarding

Electronic secure data transfer using STP

Smart dashboards with real-time analytics

Auto deduping of customer information file (CIF)

CKYC integration to verify KYC records

OVDs validation through ICR/OCR

Web/cloud based application interface

Built-in document management system

Automated KYC/AML checks to avoid fraud

Enhanced KYC compliance with Re-KYC

Aadhaar-based EKYC integration system for KYC verification

Happy Customers!

Omnichannel Onboarding Experience!

Omnichannel Digital Customer Onboarding

Make Your Customer Onboarding Superior!

iStart 3.0 creates personalized and user-friendly digital onboarding solutions. Our platform builds innovative & responsive engagements models to increase the customer onboarding experience.

iStart 3.0 for all your Digital Onboarding needs

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