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Client KYC and AML Onboarding Solutions
for Portfolio & Wealth Management Services!

Automated KYC compliant onboarding engagements from
prospecting till portfolio account opening within minutes!

Digital Client Onboarding Solutions!

Client priorities have changed! Today, they need more accessible, superior & digitally-enabled uninterrupted services. For portfolio & wealth managers, the fast-evolving digital needs of their clients have become a major source of competitive advantage to achieve higher margins and market share.

iStart 3.0 is an enterprise-grade client KYC and AML onboarding software solution developed for portfolio & wealth management services. It provides faster and smoother client onboarding experience by digitizing the complex portfolio account opening & KYC identity verification workflows.

With built-in Video KYC and identity verification solutions, iStart 3.0 provides fully compliant & risk-free KYC onboarding process for portfolio & Wealth management services.

Digital KYC|AML Check Customer Onboarding Application Software Solution

Powered by advanced technologies !

Fully Integrated

Smart API connectivity with all KYC regulators !


Meets all regulatory compliance guidelines !

Ready to Use

Built for Portfolio & Wealth Managers !

KYC and AML Solutions for Portfolio & Wealth Managers!

KYC Utilities

With KYC utility integration solutions, our platform enables one-time KYC verification in compliant with global financial regulators for smooth client KYC verification and portfolio account opening.

Video KYC Solution

Video-based customer identity verification software solution (VKYC) with AI-powered facial recognition & live photo capture feature to enable remote onboarding process.

Deliver Onboarding Excellence in 4 Steps!

Client Onboarding Application Software for Asset and Wealth Management Services
    • Extract: KYC utility API integration to extract OVDs’ and automated pre-fill account forms.
    • Verify: Intelligent database integration solutions to collect and verify client data.
    • Capture: Video-based KYC (VKYC) & client identification (VCIP) solutions using facial & spoof detection feature to capture client presence.
    • Validate: Data validation using Maker/Checker functionalities to classify client risk potential.
Validating & onboarding every new customer manually is a costly, paper-heavy & time-consuming process. To transform this inefficient workflow, we have developed four step digital client KYC onboarding solution for investment management advisors to reduce complexity and increase revenue performance.

Our Client Onboarding Benefits for Portfolio & Wealth Management

Paperless & contactless remote onboarding

Quick & frictionless KYC verification

Intelligent client identity & validation system

Seamless user navigation & personalization

Risk-free portfolio data management system

Reduced operational & compliance cost

Enhanced due diligence with KYC compliance

Zero complexity in new portfolio account opening

Happy Customers!

Omnichannel Client Onboarding Experience!

Omnichannel Digital Customer Onboarding

Make Your Client Onboarding Superior!

iStart 3.0 creates personalized and user-friendly digital onboarding solutions. Our platform builds innovative & responsive engagements models to increase the client onboarding experience.

iStart 3.0 for all your Digital KYC and AML Onboarding needs

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