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Start Your Transformation Here!

iFlow from iSolve - CKYC Solutions for NBFCs

The NBFC sector in India has grown dramatically over the past couple of years. The end users of NBFCs, in far flung rural pockets are increasingly adopting technology to handle all aspects of their lives. They anticipate their financial supplier to be fin-tech enabled too.

iSolve offers reliable CKYC Management System to optimize all operations required to run an NBFC. Specially designed and developed for bank/demat account opening, loan account opening and mutual fund account opening, our platform is the best in the business.

A versatile solution, it is completely real time, cloud based and can be used across multiple locations or divisions for multiple accounts. We also offer customized solutions based on specific customer requirements.

In conjunction with our document management solution, we can manage the complete operations relating to loans and mutual funds processing. This includes scanning, cropping, easy search and retrieval and digitization of processes.

iFlow CKYC - A complete Solution for NBFCs

Our Central KYC Software is the end to end compliance software for NBFCs. iSolve CKYC acts as a complete, integrated banking software solution which empowers an NBFC to optimize their operations, reduce manual intervention to strengthen their workflow and decrease discrepancies. This will enhance the overall operational performance and increase efficiency. The cloud based nature of CKYC Solution makes our tailor made NBFC software extremely scalable, cost efficient, more adaptable and easily deployable. The user friendly temperament of our CKYC Software ensures that there is maintainability, reusability, minimum manual intervention, and incremental delivery of products.

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